IS4DE Consulting

Innovative Solutions for the Digital Economy

We offer the following services on a consultancy basis:

Services we offer

We can analyse both strategic and operational aspects of your business, with tools ranging from the Porters Five Forces Model to industry-standard process modelling notations such as BPMN.

Business Analysis and Process Modelling

To engineer optimal dynamic performance of your business we can create dynamic simulation models using system-dynamics or discrete event simulations, with solid experimental techniques ensuring valid and precise results.

Simulation and Business Engineering

We can survey the factors affecting the success of your business idea, and help you understand better both your customers and your competitors,

Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics

Intelligent software is now used for validating credit card purchases, replanning production schedules and optimizing transport loads across a city.  Can it give your business an edge?

Applications of Intelligent Software Systems

Information and mobile services such as route advisory and weather forecast increasingly shape the way people conduct their daily activities in a smart city and work in industry.  We can help you put such services to your advantage.

Software Services in Smart Cities and Industry

Having participated in the design and writing of over 20 successful project proposals, and having evaluated scores of others for different funding bodies, we will be happy to help you with your proposal writing or evaluation tasks.

Projects Preparation and Evaluation