IS4DE experts have been involved in the preparation, execution and coordination of a number collaborative activities. The selection below illustrates the breadth of expertise and services we offer in reverse chronological order:

This is a €10m EC-funded collaborative project including the Airbus Group , investigating the role of intelligent software and services for optimizing manufacturing processes.

In collaboration with our partners InfoHub, Hope takes further the results of MODUM and integrates them within a smart ticketing system in Coventry. IS4DE is involved in modelling processes and providing intelligent route-optimizing software.

This EC-funded project focused on providing SMEs with tools which allow them to communicate and trade with zero initial costs.  Our experts were focused on intelligent software for aligningdocument types, and on understanding how people will work with the tools

This flagship EC project brought together 17 European organisations including BT, SAP and Atos, to develop the next generation of semantic software services.  Our experts were involved in tools for easy service composition and selection.

This €3m EC-funded project has developed an Android application which works with a sophisticated back-end system  to optimize traffic through Nottingham and Sofia.

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Innovative Solutions for the Digital Economy

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Facilities hosting Cloud computing are power-hungry and so are a significant source of CO2 pollution. Under the project management of Atos, our experts acted as scientific coordinators for this EC-funded project, which developed algorithms shown to reduce these emissions by 40% to 90%.